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Cheatfree with highclickers

We stand out with clear rules and a strict anti-cheat policy and guarantee users a cheat-free gaming experience.

ID verification

Prevents multi-accounts and bypassing player exclusions. Protected by the highest security standards and according to the DSVGO.

Anti-Cheat System

AI-based anti-cheat system with pattern recognition, image and OCR analysis, as well as Ring-0 and hardware monitoring.

Criminal charges

Law enforcement for fraud in competitions in our leagues and tournaments in accordance with § 263 StGB within the EU.


Regular and random analysis of game demos by experienced players.

Remote monitoring

In the current match, the league management has the option of checking the PC of a conspicuous player for cheats. Private files are excluded.

Live support

Clarify questions, problems or messages very conveniently with the live chat.


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